Voice Classes

All classes perform in the year-end recital!

Little Singers (Grade K-1)

Young performers are ready to learn safe vocal technique in a supportive environment, using the muscles they are already developing at their age. They learn through eurythmics, call and response ear training, music games, and solo and group singing.  The class is upbeat and fun, with emphasis on healthy projection and pitch matching along with physical movement to keep things active.

Musical Theatre (Grade 2-3)

A very popular introduction to theatre!  Musical Theatre combines acting, singing, and dancing- all equally important and necessary to the Musical art form.  Students experience musical theatre performance through theatre games, pantomime, vocal and physical warm ups, song and dance sessions, storytelling poetry interpretation, and improvisational scene work.

Voice Technique (Grade 4-12)

A vocal technique class in a group setting.  The class focuses on healthy singing technique through emphasis on breath support and control along with safe physical alignment.  Students work on group songs to improve their ear training and harmony skills as well as solo songs of their own choosing for the chance to sing by themselves with projection and musicality.  

Voice and Music (Grade 7-12)

Whether you want to learn to read music or are already analyzing chord structures, this class will help you apply theory to your performing. With heavy emphasis on developing clean rhythm and ear training, you will learn to use theoretical knowledge to make yourself a more accurate and confident musician! Of value to vocalists, instrumentalists, and dancers.  Don't worry, it's not all book learnin'... but do bring a pencil!

Vocal Performance Cabaret (Grade 9-12)

* By Invitation only
In this group setting, the class works on both solo and group pieces.  Active listening, ear training, and harmony work help the singers to become a unified group while still striving for each student's personal best. Music theory and sight singing are practiced regularly.  Each student's personal repertoire will grow, as the instructor provides classical, blues, jazz, opera, and musical theatre songs.  Emphasis is placed on safe vocal technique and whole body connection to singing work.  There is a performance in the Spring semester.  Prospective students need approval from Fiona to join this class. 

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Broadway Training Center of Westchester, under the artistic direction of Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos, was recently awarded Best Theatre Classes in Southern Westchester by Westchester Magazine.  This premier performing arts school, located in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, provides children, teens, and adults with Broadway oriented performing arts training focusing on the joy of accomplishment and the enrichment of personal expression through classroom and performance work. Broadway Training Center of Westchester is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.