Acting Classes

All classes perform in the year-end recital!

Drama Club (Grade K-1)

A theatre class for our youngest actors, exploring the reaches of our imagination through theatre games, acting exercises, poetry, fairytales, short stories, and more! This class is designed to work on simple memorization, listening skills, team work, and beginning stage technique.  Students get the opportunity to create & rehearse in an engaging and supportive environment. 

Storytelling Theatre (Grade 2-3)

A class for our early actors.  Students gain basic fundamentals on how to work with a partner, comprehension of basic scene construction, listen skills, simple memorization, stage technique, playwriting & in class scene assignments, theatre games and the ability to make strong choices to act on are all explored.  

Beginner Acting (Grade 4-6)

Improvisational exercises and basic scene study begin in this terrific course!   Students strengthen their understanding of working on both unscripted scenes and written text while advancing important listening skills.  The goal is consistent moment-to-moment work using the tools of partnering, stage technique, theatre games, and strong active choices for a character's development.

Improv Technique (Grade 7-8)

Students learn the rules of improvisation and how to structure an unscripted scene through exercises that focus on character, relationship, objective, and location.  Teamwork is the foundation of successful improv, and this class is schooled in the "Yes, And" technique.  Students need to have good listening skills and be capable of keeping focused for the course of the class, which breaks down into about 30 minute segments at times. 

Intermediate Acting (Grade 9-12)

Students work every time on an assigned scene bringing it in at different stages of rehearsal.  Truthful, expressive moment-to-moment behavior, self-observation, and a point of view: these are the tools that are  taught through exercises and scene work. By exploring these elements actors learn to make specific choices.  These choices allow us to play characters in a truthful & believable way.  Learning proper technique allows the freedom of personal interpretation. This curriculum stems from the teaching works of Sanford Meisner & Uta Hagan.

Advanced Acting/Improv (Grade 9-12)

* By Invitation only
This is a pre-professional course for students who have already mastered the basics of improv and scene study technique.  Actors have the opportunity to explore advanced improv techniques, including Long Form, Harold, and Musical. Intensive scene and monologue breakdowns round out the course.  

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Broadway Training Center of Westchester, under the artistic direction of Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos, was recently awarded Best Theatre Classes in Southern Westchester by Westchester Magazine.  This premier performing arts school, located in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, provides children, teens, and adults with Broadway oriented performing arts training focusing on the joy of accomplishment and the enrichment of personal expression through classroom and performance work. Broadway Training Center of Westchester is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.